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We’re reinventing the workday

People aren’t one-size-fits-all, so our jobs shouldn’t be either. Flexibility makes it possible to build the career you love and the life you deserve. Knowing your flexibility type is the first step.


Get to know the six types of flexibility

We studied every type of flexibility out there and invented a system that works

Our mission is to make work flexible for everyone

Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach

Our mission is to make work flexible for everyone

Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean co-founded Werk when they realized the workplace wasn’t designed for their success as women. Now, as the country’s foremost experts on flexibility, they’re rewriting the rules of work so they work better for everyone.

Find a job with pre-negotiated flexibility

Use our language of flexibility to filter for jobs that match your FlexType

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It’s time to reinvent the workday.
Discover your FlexType to get started.