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FlexMatch is the first and only flexibility insights platform

96% of employees need flexibility—can your company deliver? Learn how flexibility is impacting your company’s key people and business metrics.

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Flexibility impacts your critical business metrics.

FlexMatch in action

Our company partners use FlexMatch insights to identify and address people risks and opportunities through flexibility.

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Problem ImageProblem

Professional services firm experienced an increase in turnover and found that lack of flexibility was a key trend in exit interviews. The firm wanted to determine if they had a flexibility problem, and if they did, its impact.

Approach ImageApproach

Chief People Officer leveraged FlexMatch™ to better understand employees’ need for and access to flexibility and measure its impact on the business.

Results Imageresults

Identified a 60% flexibility gap, primarily driven by a lack of TimeShift and DeskPlus, which was contributing to turnover.

Determined that flexibility access was inequitable across genders and levels

Outcome Imageoutcome

Used insights to clarify existing flexibility and implement new practices to address key risk areas

Embedded FlexMatch into formal onboarding process to ensure equitable access of flexibility

Re-assessment showed a decrease in flexibility gap and corresponding increase in intention to stay

"Rather than creating a one-size-fits-all flexibility policy that looks good on paper but only meets the needs of a small portion of employees, we’ve partnered with Werk.co. Through FlexMatch, we were able to obtain the insights necessary to design a personalized flexibility program that prioritizes both business objectives and the needs of our people."


Head of Employee Experience at credigy

How it works

Employees take FlexMatch
Average complete time is less than 15 minutes
Questions measure employee “needs” not “wants”
Individual results are completely confidential
Company receives
dashboard report
Quantifies overall flexibility gap score and provides predictive insights for high-risk areas
Measures need for vs. access to each flextype overall and across demographics
Includes recommendations for high-risk areas
Employees receive
personalized reports
Identifies which flextypes employees need to perform at their best
Provides suggestions for manager-employee conversations about flex
Serves as an onboarding or reboarding tool for new or returning employees

Want the details?

Download a sample report to see some of the insights you’ll gain through FlexMatch

Want the details?

Download a sample report to see some of the insights you’ll gain through FlexMatch

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