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Create a winning flexibility strategy with Werk

Finally, a people analytics platform that tells you everything you need to know about flexibility at your company.

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Find out what flexibility your employees actually need

96% of employees need some form of flexibility—is your company delivering? Using our proprietary assessment methodology, find out which types of flexibility are driving the biggest need within your organization, and see how well you’re meeting those demands.

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Get comprehensive data on the impact of flexibility on business outcomes

Our analytics dashboard delivers the insights you need to understand your current flexibility baseline and gaps, the highest ROI flex investments to close those gaps, and the impact of flexibility on your most important business metrics.

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Make access to flexibility equitable across your organization

Get even deeper insights into the flexibility needs of your employees across demographic fault-lines including gender, generation, caregiving status, business unit, and level to ensure equitable access.

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Invest in employee success with personalized flex type reports

Our methodology helps employees understand what flexibility they need to perform optimally. Think of it as a flex personality test—an instant, scientific result to take the bias and confusion out of flexibility.

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Werk in action

See how one company used Werk’s people analytics platform to create a successful flexibility program.

Problem ImageProblem

Professional services firm with a flexibility program in place kept hearing in exit interviews that employees were quitting due to a lack of flexibility. They were also beginning to hear candidates turn down job offers due to a lack of clarity around their firm’s flexibility program in the recruitment process.

Approach ImageApproach

Chief People Officer used Werk to understand why the firm’s existing flexibility program was missing the mark and learn how to leverage flexibility to retain their employees and attract new talent.

Results ImageResults

Within three weeks, Werk’s insights dashboard indicated that 1) the firm had a 60% flexibility gap, primarily driven by a lack of TimeShift and DeskPlus, and 2) access to flexibility was inequitable within certain microcultures of leadership.

Employees gained crucial insight into their own flexibility needs through personalized flex type reports, which served as a basis for firm-wide manager-to-employee conversations.

Outcome Imageoutcome

Implemented Werk’s dashboard recommendations to create a TimeShift policy and better communicate their existing DeskPlus policy. As a result, the firm:

Decreased its flexibility gap by 30%

Leveraged flexibility to make lateral hires without increasing compensation

Saw retention risk decrease by over 30%

"Rather than creating a one-size-fits-all flexibility policy that looks good on paper but only meets the needs of a small portion of employees, we’ve partnered with Werk. Through Werk, we were able to obtain the insights necessary to design a personalized flexibility program that prioritizes both business objectives and the needs of our people."


Senior Director of Employee Experience & Corporate Affairs at Credigy

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